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Willem is broadly experienced in real estate development and has a commercial background. His heart is in developing a new style in real estate development; creative unconventional projects where thinking outside of the box is key. His strength lies in inspiring and motivating his team.

ir. W.A. Gaymans (Willem)



Richard is the technical mastermind. He earned his stripes by developing project within construction companies. This is what he does best and he always knows how to support the team in difficult cases when needed.

R.H.K. Elbersen (Richard)




Marijn is a strategic and financial advisor in area & real estate development. He is an integral, conceptual, creative and analytical thinker. His expertise lies in developing strong business cases and concept development. He has a strong affinity with the spatial and processual side. Developing extraordinary and complex in an innovative way is what energizes Marijn.

ir. M. Spoelstra (Marijn)

Real Estate Developer


Mathia van der Varst studied Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam. After that she worked as a Sustainability Manager at Merin. For Kondor Wessels Vastgoed Mathia is starting of as a real estate developer

M.M. van der Varst MSc (Mathia)

Real Estate Developer


From newly built, renovation till transformation tasks; Joost has experience in the full spectrum of development. Working on sustainable and inspiring places, with vision, creativity and entrepreneurship is what drives Joost. He is proud when projects result in esthetically pleasing and healthy buildings and when value is created socially, economically and ecologically.

ir. J.W. Versluijs (Joost)

Real Estate Developer


Evert graduated from the TU Delft as an architect, specializing in redevelopment and transformation. After his study he worked for an construction company and real estate developer. With his knowledge of construction he reinforced the Kondor Wessels Vastgoed team. Evert is a strong conceptual and creative thinker.

ir. E.J.J. van Imhoff (Evert)

Real Estate Developer


Claudia graduated from the TU Delft and is an expert in the full life cycle of real estate. With passion for development, investing and architecture she creates added valu for all stakeholders in a project. Claudia has been nominated for the ABN AMRO Sustainable top 50 of 2015 ánd 2016.

ir. C. Heimensen (Claudia)

Real Estate Developer


Marius is a versatile and creative professional. As an entrepreneurial and creative thinker, he is able to see and utalize opportunities. As a concept developer, he has developed several successful housing concepts that continually show their added value and are groundbreaking in the real estate sector.

M.S. Heijn MSc, MRE (Marius)

Real Estate Developer



Ania is responsible for all marketing and communication related activities at Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and its projects. She aspires to continuously create innovative concepts by combining the latest technical developments with project designs & sales.

A.M.T. Berkelmans (Ania)

Marketing Manager



Eric’s roots lie in accountancy and he has worked in several different industries. In a changing environment, where great projects are being realized is where Eric feels best. This is what drew Eric to Kondor Wessels Vastgoed, where he now works as a controller.

E.S.C.L. Hilgersom AA (Eric)




Thanks to her caring and loving character, her eager to learn and positive attitude Gabriëlle feels like a fish in the sea at Kondor Wessels Vastgoed. She has the qualities needed at Kondor Wessels Vastgoed en supports the team with great pleasure every day.

H. Yuksekdag (Hazal)

Office Manager