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Big Dutch cities continue to grow, Amsterdam is one of them. Gradually former business parks and industrial areas are being transformed into new residential districts. As is Sloterdijk 1. Centrally situated in this transformation area lies Wout’s brick trade. Plans for the transformation of the 70.000 m² plot are being made by Kondor Wessels Vastgoed in close cooperation with the owners of Wout and other stakeholders. Plans showcasing Sloterdijk 1 as a leading example in the revitalization of cities. 

Current situation

Within the so called Amsterdam ring (the highway surrounding the oldest parts of Amsterdam) lies monofunctional business park ‘Sloterdijk 1’. The municipality does not conduct an active land policy in this area, but is open to be inspired by owners and developers. 

Vision for the future

Amsterdam is hugely popular. According to predictions Amsterdam will have more than a million inhabitants shortly after 2030. Sloterdijk 1 has all the ingredients to become a lively new district in Amsterdam. Sloterdijk is surrounded by public transport and directly connected to the A10. The innercity, harbor and nature are surrounding the area that will soon be visible from all sides. A grand entrance to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


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