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Westerdokseiland VOC COUR


The Westerdokseiland (an island in the harbour of Amsterdam) was laid out in 1834 in the Amsterdam waters called the IJ. The IJ is the water Amsterdam originated from, when all shipping traffic from and to the city still took place through the Southern sea, North sea and oceans.

After the supply of goods on the Westerdokseiland stopped and the grain silos weren't being used anymore, artist and small businesses started using the silos. After a while the decision was made to transform the Westerdokseiland to a new urban living area.

The building plan for VOC Cour consists out of 12 buildings with a total of 382 apartments, a daycare, wellnesscentre, flexoffices and commercial space. Every building lies at the cour (courtyard) where people can meet, get some fresh air and relax. Every building has its own identity and its own unique views on the harbour, city and shipping on the IJ.


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