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The Duchess Amsterdam


In the newest neighborhood of Amsterdam East, the Amsterlkwartier, 48 brand new apartments will be build. All contemporary, energy efficient and comfortable. The 48 city-apartments vary between 30m2 and 120m2 and are divided over 3 buildings. The apartments situated in the front have a view over the park and outdoor spaces located on the sunny southwest. The six split-level apartments on the ground floor have almost 4 meter high ceilings! The garage has space for 26 cars and a spacious bicycle storage. 

Luxurious entrance

The Duchess three entrances are unique from inside out. The doors are massive and characteristic, finished off with materials that get more beautiful as they grow older. Who steps into one the buildings immediately recognizes the signature design by interior architect Space Encounters.’By playing with tones, forms and lightning we created 3 exceptionally welcoming entrances for the residents.’ The entrances will be accommodated with so called Parcers. There smart mailboxes make sure you never miss another package. Good to know: you can also use a Parcer to return your package!

Completion Specials

Awardwinning interior architect Space Encounters created exceptional floor maps for several apartments. How can available space be used in an extraordinary way and how could different functions be organized even better? In small apartments they brought their vision to live by using sliding panels and modular closets that enhance the available space. For apartments on the ground floor alternative layouts with personalized spaces were created. 

Sustainable energy

The Duchess Amsterdam is green and sustainable. Solar panels on the roof provide electricity and for heating, cooling and warm water a collective heating system is installed. For more information please visit www.theduchess-amstelkwartier.nl.  


M.M. van der Varst MSc (Mathia) Real Estate Developer Contact us

ir. J.W. Versluijs (Joost) Real Estate Developer Contact us

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