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Thinking of Holland, what do you picture? We invision an picturesque village alongside water and in the middle of green fields. That’s SpaarneBuiten. A typical Dutch location in the middle of the Stelling of Amsterdam and the waterline, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Looking over the water of the Spaarne and right in between Amsterdam and Haarlem.

Where it started

About a 100 years ago a shipyard appears across Spaarndam. A yard that has an important role for the village. Right after the war most of the inhabitants earn their living because of it. But, when activity decreases the municipality wants to start to prepare the terrain for housing. From that point on it takes another 10 years before the first houses for starters are build.

Our plans

We want our plans to fit in so well, people automatically experience the benefits of SpaarneBuiten:

-        Enjoying nature

-        Experiencing water and the landscape

-        Easy access to the city


We pay great attention to:

-        Clean up the soil

-        Water quality

-        Sustainable and high-quality material use



In multiple phases over a period of 5 years, different types of houses will be developed.



In the next phases more apartments and quay houses will follow and the old port will be transformed to a marina.


Recreational area

To improve the quality of the area we have brought down several old business halls and cleaned up the soil. In return a nice neighbourly park was realized.

What’s new?

For the second phase of SpaarneBuiten 5 so called passive houses were developed. These houses have a unique heatingsystem. The sophisticated design makes sure you need very little energy to keep a passive house heated. Daily actions like cooking and showering are enough to warm the whole house.


A few ingredients:

-        Solar energy

-        Shell insulation

-        Effective sealing

-        Triple glazing in custom frames

-        Balanced ventilation with heat recovery


In the winter passive houses hold warmth, in summer they stay cool because of the sun protection and ventilation.


The energy consumption is about 4 times lower than in an average house. Who would think that even the heat of water flowing away can be reused?

VolkerWessels Vastgoed

Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and VolkerWessels Vastgoed together form SpaarneBuiten VOF. The partnership has a cooperation agreement with the municipality of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude, in which the partnership supplies programmatic and qualitative development. The partnership acts as the land bank and mandator for the destination plan and full infrastructure.


M.M. van der Varst MSc (Mathia) Real Estate Developer Contact us

Facts and figures

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