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Pier Scheveningen

Scheveningen (The Hague)

The Pier is hot and happening! The icon of Scheveningen (part of The Hague) opened for the public on July 18th 2015. The new Pier is a true foodboulevard, with popular streetfood, bars, terraces and shops. All year round activities like festivals, markets and children event make the Pier summer- and winterproof. After the opening of the Pier Offices and the first ferris wheel above sea, visitors can now stay the night in one of the luxury Pier Suites.

When we started

After several successful and less successful  attempts, The Pier closed down and went bankrupt in 2013. Millions of people have beautiful memories of The Pier: they strolled down it feeling the fresh sea breeze. The Pier belongs to Scheveningen and is a place with endless possibilities that can and need to be utilized. With this belief and lots of exciting ideas for the reopening Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and Danzep BV (together Pier BV) bought The Pier on October 30th 2014.

Scope of the project

For a successful transformation, a long and short term vision is necessary. The current Pier is programmed for 5 years. In this period plans for long term exploitation will be developed. To make long term exploitation a reality, widespread support is needed. And that is exactly what we will be realizing in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Ferris wheel above sea

Scheveningen gained a touristic attraction. The more than 50 meter high ferris wheel counts 36 closed off gondolas with air-conditioning. One of which is a VIP gondola with a glass bottom. All gondolas are accommodated with luxury seats and have room for 6 people. From the ferris wheel you have a panoramic view of the sea, beach and the skyline of The Hague.


Did you know …

  • The Pier’s boulevard is 300 meters long
  • The tower at the end is 45 meters high. With clear weather the view is 17 km.
  • De first pier in Scheveningen opened in 1901. The current Pier was designed by Huig Maaskant en opened in 1959. The unique construction makes this a true icon.
  • CNN dedicated an item to the Pier where it was said to be the most beautiful pier in the world.
  • The Pier we know today has been there since 1959 and was transformed in the 90’s.


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