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Living in the heart of a unique historical location, with the facilities for a modern comfortable lifestyle. Thát’s what living in Oud Seyst is like. An exceptional newly built project in Zeist.


In collaboration with Kondor Wessels Projecten and Rau Architects, Kondor Wessels Vastgoed won the developmentcontest for ‘Het Rond’ in Zeist. The project consists out of the extension of the city hall, 33 corporationhouses, 67 houses for sale, an underground parking garage with 200 parking lots and the establishment of the public area. The project lies in the middle of Zeist’s city center at the well know Walkartpark. The small-scaled buildings lie playfully in the midst of all greenery.


The architect respectfully designed around existing monumental buildings. Ten small-scaled buildings, known as Oud Seyst, all have their own names, which refer to well-known figures from Zeist’s history.


Named after Jan Stuivinga who designed the town hall, country house Veldheim and the postaloffice in Zeist. This building, located next to the city hall and the Walkart park, counts 18 apartments with 2 to 5 rooms and sizes varying from 60 to 170 m2.  


On the 6th and top floor you’ll find a penthouse with an exclusive and great view of the Walkartpark. Off course all apartments have magnificent views of the park.


This building was delivered in 2014

Zocher & Copijn

Zocher and Copijn both consist out of 3 floors and a total of 6 spacious apartments. The very private apartments have outside spaces overlooking the Walkartpark.

Marsman, Mourot & Kamperdijk

Marsman, Kamperdijk and Mourot were taken into investment by Bouwinvest. The concept of care homes is rented out under the name Aliantus Oud Seyst.

De Meester

Three mansions under the name De Meester have their own unique style, complementing their surrounding buildings. This is the last phase of project Oud Seyst.

More information

More information is available through the project website www.oud-seyst.nl or real estate broker Nassau Makelaars (030-69 175 77). 


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