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Light Living Vuurtorenweg

Scheveningen (The Hague)

Kondor Wessels Vastgoed acquired and signed the purchase agreement with Rijksvastgoedbedrijf for the Vuurtorenweg 35-37 in Scheveningen. On the plot of the former office an unique residential building will be developed by Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and OeverZaaijer architecture. Light and spacey lofts will fill the space of approximately 10.000 m² in the newly designed building. For more information please visit www.lightliving.nl.

The former office building is part of the three-kilometer-long seafront, ideally positioned between the harbour and boulevard. OeverZaaijer’s design connects seamlessly to Scheveningen’s DNA. A mix of the robust appearance of the harbour and the holiday feeling of the sea. The development is part of the Scheveningen-coast Masterplan, in which the municipality of The Hague aims to renew the coastal view.


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