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In less than 2 years, during the crisis, more than 500 apartments from project DeFlat were sold.  Consortium DeFlat proves it’s possible, as long as the apartments are affordable, flexible and delivered fast. Consortium DeFlat rescued the building from the wrecking ball by turning it into a Klusflat meaning that the inhabitants renovate their apartments by themselves.The biggest project of fix-up homes in the Netherlands started selling homes in March 2013. In 2017 DeFlat won the prestigious architecture award, the EU Mies Award! An international prize for contemporary architecture. Next to that DeFlat was nominated for the ‘Best Building of the Netherlands’ and was declared the big winner of the Dutch Design Awards 2017.

When we started

Kleiburg is the original name of the building of project DeFlat that lies in the Bijlmer district of Amsterdam. It’s part of the collection of honeycomb flats in the middle of a a green oasis, designed by Dutch architect Siegfried Nassuth. In 1966 Amsterdam started building the Bijlmer district. A district with a model function inspired by the functional city ideas of Swiss architect Le Corbusier among others. Peace, nature and little traffic was what the modern man needed. Unfortunately this, for that time, progressive concept was not resistant to the social problems that developed within 10 years. In the 90’s high-rise buildings make place for low-rise buildings. Some gallery flats are preserved. A generation of buildings that lacks the nostalgic liking of the big public. But these by Dutch architects designed buildings undeniably belong to our national heritage.


In 2011 we bought the flat for a euro from housing corporation Rochdale, under the condition that many apartments would be sold in a short period of time. At the time the flat had been empty for a while. We saw it as an opportunity. Very soon DeFlat turned out to be a great success, the first phase was sold out in no-time!


The transformation of DeFlat is divided in 4 phases. In march 2013 phase 1 started selling. In 4 months phase 1 was all sold out.  In  a period of 2 years 502 apartments were sold. This makes DeFlat the biggest so called ‘klusflat’ project in the Netherlands.


The phases:

-        Phase 1: 109 apartments

-        Phase 2: 120 apartments

-        Phase 3: 121 apartments

-        Phase 4: 152 apartments


The proces:

-        After selling 70% of the apartments in a phase, renovation by the project contractor starts;

-        Simultaniously selling apartments of the next phase starts;

-        Six months after all apartments are sold buyers can start renovating their own apartment.

The concept

The so called ‘klushuis’ (fix-up) concept gives creative people and enthousiastic handymen the opportunity to realize their own dream home. Two, three or more homes combined into one? No problem. Behind the front door a buyer has free choice. Another pro is the affordability, starting prices of the project were as low as € 1.095,- per square meter. A fix-up home was sold starting at € 65.000,-.

New platform for fix-up homes

The enormous interest in DeFlat shows the big demand in fix-up homes in Amsterdam. In DeFlat only 502 buyers were provided, another 7.000 potential buyers were let down. They’re still waiting for their affordable dream home. Amsterdam is full of empty buildings. Meaning: potential buildings to be transformed to another ‘klusflat’. That is why consortium DeFlat decided to start Klushuis.nl: a platform that asks people to tell us about potential buildings and a platform for people that are interested in a fix-up home.


Consortium DeFlat exists out of:

  • Kondor Wessels Vastgoed
  • Vireo Vastgoed
  • Hendriks CPO
  • Hollands Licht


ir. W.A. Gaymans (Willem) Director Contact us

Facts and figures

  • Phase 1
    109 apartments
  • Phase 2
    120 apartments
  • Phase 3
    121 apartments
  • Phase 4
    152 apartments
  • Project categories
    Current projects

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